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  SCAM ALERT Beware # 1 - overseas funds or outside funds
  The scam works similar to this:

the seller will be contacted...

  • you are offered US dollars for the item by an oversees buyer.

  • A cashiers cheque (counterfeit) on Citibank is FedExed to you and you are asked to cash it and forward "x" amount of dollars to such and such a person.

  • The bank will cash the cashiers cheque, but what people do not know is that it takes up to 30 days to clear and the cheque will eventually come back as a "Fraud".
  • Too late, the victim (YOU) has kept the selling amount and has forwarded the rest of the money money for shipping...

  • The bank will then hold you responsible for the full amount of the bad cheque. This includes the purchase amount and the shipping amount.

    Be very suspicious if anyone sends "over-payment"
    and requests the balance returned.

  •   SCAM ALERT Beware # 2
      The scam works similar to this: Personal Info theft as well as money

    Buy and sell items wisely on the web!
    Be aware of scam artists seeking personal info with promises to send cashiers cheque's etc. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

    Please be wary of anyone offering to pay more than asking price for your item and requesting you send the balance to their shipper. They will usually offer to pay by cashier's cheque, money order or electronic payment (paypal, bidpay).

      SCAM ALERT Beware # 3
       This page of tips from IT Bussiness covers TEN scams on Craiglist.

    Top Craiglist Scams

       How to recognize on line scams and tips to get the most out of using on line
       classifieds. Without a doubt the bad guys may be out out there, so lets
       keep them there and ourselves secure.

    If you are receiving large amounts of potentially fraudulent spam
    you can file a complaint with the Royal Mounted Police
    at 1-888-495-8501 or go online
    to the Canadian Anti-fraud Call Centre at