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Appliances or Domestic technology is the incorporation of applied science into the home. These are the domestic appliances commonly used in the home, such as clothes dryers, washing machines,refrigerators, freezers or similar home appliances.

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standard stove,
and dryer

(North Bay)

I have apt size dishwasher,standard stove,
fridge,washer and dryer
all good condition

$450 or best offer


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used washer/dryers
giveme a call        - (North Bay Area)
kevin 705 475 0183

You can
call Arlette
North Bay Area

Lebanese & Mediterranean Home Cooking - the healthy way
all kind of Mezza(Appetizers),Pastries,Lebanese food & sweets
ex. Hummus, Baba Ghanouj, Falafel, Tabouli, Baklawa

Canadian Home Cooking

real healthy traditional Canadian Food,
from Meat Pies, to porks and beefs
and all kind of sweet and savoury pies & desserts

also we can provide our services to restaurants.

E Mail: jasmine551@hotmail.com
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    North Bay Ontario free classified ads for North Bay  Antiques are traditionally old items of value.  These classified ads can be furniture, tools, books that  are or could be something of historical interest to North Bay collectors or people interested in old items.. Appliances in North Bay refer to the House, Home, Garage and Kitchen use Tools.  Normally these ads can be of kitchen cooking and food preparation but could include other appliances.. Art classified within the north bay Blue Sky Region refers to original painting, sculpture, wall hangings etc. that are created by hand. Art is a broad category as defined by the artist and judged by the buyer.. ATV ads are for two wheel or four wheel drive, three, four wheel or many wheeled machines built for rugged travel. ATV devices such as ploughs, attachments and winches etc. would be appropriate for this area as would tires etc.  Normally this would be the traditional bush machine used for hunting fishing and exploring the bush areas or be used around the house for hauling and clearing... Bathroom needs could include towel racks, faucets, shower heads, soaps, mirrors, medicine chests etc.. classified ads for used Boats include motorized or not, canoes, kayaks, etc. including boat accessories, lights, anchors, oars paddles, etc.. Business would be opportunities for starting joining or creating a business.  This could also be the accounting services, support groups or items that business would need or refer to in order to conduct  and run a business. . Bicycles speak for themselves and represent the traditional two wheeled bicycle.  These could be balloon tired bikes, racing bikes, mountain bikes and all of the flavors in between.  Bikes need parts and seats, speedometers, drinking bottles etc. used with bicycles are welcome as are tires seats and parts.. Cars are all vehicles that can be used on the road or for parts.  You can often sell your car for more than you can trade it in.. Cats and dogs is exactly that, cats and dogs.  Only cats and dogs are allowed into this area.  They can be pups or kittens full grown or not.  Cats and dogs can be pure breed or mixed. . Childrens Items include all toys costumes clothing games and things that children would use wear or play with while growing up at home.. Christmas items could include a  huge selection of things. Gifts, decorations, trees, wrapping paper, yard ornaments etc.  Anything that would fit the Christmas season would fit into this category. . Clothing is a catch all area that includes anything that can be worn by male or female.  Be sure to tell sizes.. North Bay ads  in  for-sale-locally north bay site   Computers can include software, hardware, printers cables, laptops, desktops and computer related items.  All items must be legally produced and no items should be pirated.. North Bay ads for electronics televisions and radios may have th eitem you want and it could be the place to put your old electronics as you upgrade. Employment wanted is for persons who are seeking work.  You can put in your request, skills, aptitude specialty etc. seeking work.. Exercise equipment includes all of the exercise machinery of getting fit as well as the weights, ropes, punching bags etc. that is used in exercise.  Exercise tapes CD's, DVD's books and programs would fit this area.. Fish tanks and s laccessories even fish might fit well with this category.. says If you have it and do not want it you can give it away free.  People wanting your item would normally have to come and pick it up from you or you could arrange some kind of delivery.  This category is for giving away things that would be free to the taker.. North Bay listing with  for-sale-locally.com posts free fund raiser notices to promote public participation.. Furniture category would be almost anything in your house that is not an antique used in the bedroom, living room, kitchen, den basement etc.  Beds, chairs, lamps, couches, footstools, rockers, bookshelf's desks etc. fit here.. Games would be pool tables,board games, computer games, card games and games played in solitaire, outside, inside with people.  Crib, monopoly, boggle, chess, backgammon, tennis, horseshoes etc, would fit in here.. Garden and landscape including site preparation in the blue Sky Region. in the Health and Nutrition category would be health food items, books, advice and service.. in the Health and Nutrition category would be health food items, books, advice and service. . House and apartment rentals is for land lords to post their accommodations available for renters. . Hunting and Fishing in North Bay Classifieds ads gives information and products to sprotsmen. .   Industrial equipment is a reference to big machinery tools and equipment that would be used in construction road work building and manufacturing.  Usually it would be specialized equipment for specific heavy loads or purpose. . Internet knowledge products and how to do it items ideas and literature .
    Internet knowledge products and how to do it items ideas and literature . North Bay jewelery in the for-sale-locally north bay site is for custom jewlelery inclucing gems and orchards . Language learning tapes, CD's and instruction . miscellaneous  in the for-sale-locally north bay site is for hard to classify items. . North Bay FSL has All motorcycle items from bikes themselves cruisers, choppers, dirt, road off road tikes and custom bikes would work in this category.  Mirrors, tires, pieces and parts of bikes can be sold here. FSL North Bay includes Motorhomes, RV's, Transport trailers, motorcycles , boat, cargo, utility, snow machine and sports trailers whether they are custom made, home made or company made.. Download MP3, play MP3, music and instruments are here in this catagory . North bay for sale locally  Photography items for sale that is a broad area that covers cameras both digital, still, motion plus darkroom and computer activities.  Objects of sale can be hardware, software, services. North Bay   Pool items as a category would include skimmers, covers, liners, filters, chemicals, lines, hoses, filters, toys and apparatus used around or in a pool.  Pool furniture or specialized devices may fit into this area.. North Bay ads  in  for-sale-locally north bay site   Real estate ads in this north bay site reflect the surrounding area for houses, homes farms etc. Post free ads to sell your property here.. North Bay  Restaurant  items  include all kitchen tools, cookery, appliances and items that would be used in a  commercial  area for food preparation, cooking and serving.. Classified as Sewing, Quilting ,Stitching  includes needlepoint, quilts, frames, sewing machines, wool, fabric, thread patterns and all items related to using making and creating finishing products. . North Bay area ads for Snow machines would be a winter area for snow machines and for sale locally posts heated clothing, batteries, pieces and parts for snow machines use and maintenance. These Free Social Media, Social Networking, Social Bookmarking, Media Sharing,  Photo Sharing  and Wiki Web Sites are very popular amongst youth and adults and can be used for selling. North Bay tool ads in  for-sale-locally north bay site  Tools category are the handy mans place to find something that can be used for the home, garage or shop.  Often people have tools that they have inherited that need to be disposed of and this would be a good place to do it while making a profit.. North Bay classified Wanted Items  in  for-sale-locally north bay site . Free North Bay ads in the Blue Sky area with FSL  are economical for advertisers. Take advantage of free classified ad's and use it to your North Bay advantage and Blue Sky Region .. has a North Bay free ads homepage for North Bay to reflect what is happening in the Blue Sky Region.. Main Sponsors for free ads and North Bay homepage. This FAQ area of our free site is where North Bay can ask your most common questions . North Bay  is one of the FSL network.  We are looking for positive and negative comments in order to improve our service.  E-mail us and let us know what you think, we will keep it confidential. .  North Bay homepage reflects what is happening in the Blue Sky Region.. North Bay Nugget Newspaper is North Bay's Local Paper .  North Bay Nugget reflects what is happening in the Blue Sky Region..  North Bay weather in Northern Ontario Canada .
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