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Local and Main Sponsors are willing to pay to place their banners or logos into this free website. This high public exposure to our sponsors is generated by thousands of viewers and placers of FREE ADS who visit the site looking for items.

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How do I advertise at ?

The easiest and fastest way (usually uploaded within 24 hrs) is by E-mail to
Just E-mail what you are selling, buying, trading, etc. Include a contact name and phone number. It is very fast and easy to copy & paste your text from your E-mail into the proper place. As well you can send pictures as an attachment and we will include them free with your ad. The least effective way to get information to us is by plain old mail because it takes longer to get here.

Nothing is free, so what's the catch?

Sponsors pay an advertising fee to us to keep this site alive and attract customers. Imagine that there are hundreds of items for sale, trade, wanted, etc. on www.for-sale-locally-northbaycom. Some visitors will click on the sponsors banner or better yet, some visitor's to this site will actually go to the sponsor's site, store or business. When sponsors get business because this site brought them exposure, sponsors are more than willing to pay the small advertising fee we charge.
It is a win win situation for everyone.

Why would you sponsor

Any exposure to a small or large business is good for business. Starting $100 you can have your business banner on http:// for an entire year. This represents low cost for a long term exposure. As a main sponsor you can have multiple banners, ads, etc. across the entire site that will be sure to be seen by all visitors. As a custom supporter you can have your own website as well as the multi level supporter status.

What if the item is still posted, yet the item is sold or no contact available?
Please inform us immediately (705-663-2696 or e-mail) and we will remove the AD.

How do you get sponsors to pay for this site?

A good salesperson will prove to the sponsors that spending their money with us advertising, with strategically placed banners and logos will increase their exposure and business. Even without a sales call, sponsors can recognize a good opportunity and come to us on their own. There is no aggressive high cost selling involved here. The benefits to the sponsor are there, the cost is low and there is an opportunity for free advertising. It is a win win solution again for both the customer, the sponsor, and for the site.

Why is there a limit of one  FREE AD per month per household?
This is to prevent abuse and it allows everyone in the area covered to place one free AD. People can place more than one ad and it is at the discretion of the webmaster as to how much volume is there before a limitation is enforced. Generally people are considerate of others and there is no problem.

What is a Target Market?
When clients are looking for an item they buy and sell their goods while viewing local merchants offering similar goods. Sponsors are in target markets when they advertise within our catagories and maximizeing their dollar value by having interested people see their ads .
Ask yourself this: Would you want one thousand people seeing your ad that did not care or five hundred people who do care?
The answer is: Caring people is the correct answer because it is is targeted market. The answer to targeted marketing is our selective advertising or what we call Catagory Support. Our catagories capture interested people looking for specific products.
These catagorised areas bring interested people to goods they are wanting to buy and who have already targeted their purchase money on buting that type of product.

It is value to the sponsor, it is value to the client and it is value to the site owner.


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